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FTS Ambulance Service Is Now Hiring

FTS Ambulance Service is currently giving preference to applicants already State of Mississippi and/or State of Tennessee certified and licensed EMT's and Paramedics seeking part time or full time employment.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of FTS Ambulance Service.

FTS Ambulance Service is a professional emergency and non-emergency transport company that strives to acknowledge and exceed the expectations of our clients.

We provide our customers with a range of services and exceptional care by employing knowledgeable medical personnel and experienced staff. Through teamwork and dedication, we are able to create a proficient and reliable organization that offers compassionate and professional care to patients in Desoto County.


For our non-emergency customers, we provide various types of non-emergent transportation. Our Advanced Life Support Units provide Critical Care Treatments to meet the needs of your ICU, CCU and Trauma Center. We also offer an ALS transport service that provides IV, Monitor, and Oxygen therapy. For the patients that don’t require advanced monitoring we offer our Basic Life Support Service. These units are for transporting non-ambulatory patients that require only basic vital sign monitoring. All of our ambulances are equipped with defibrillation and ventilation support and staffed appropriately. FTS Ambulance Service prides itself on quality patient care and superior customer service.

We consistently project an image of excellence, compassion, and professionalism; representing your facility to the degree your patients come to expect. Our highly trained staff is polite, considerate and honest in all communications. They genuinely care about each patience and will provide the best care possible in every situation.

FTS Ambulance Service first priority has always been providing exceptional ambulance transportation when you need it most. These services include emergency, non-emergency, interfacility critical care transports and special event stand-bys. Our primary focus is to provide quick and reliable transportation while providing the finest emergency medical care available to trauma and medical patients. The service does not stop when you arrive at the hospital. We follow thru for our patients with customer service on all levels. We are committed and involved with the communities we serve. After all, we live and work here too.

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